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Tamara Stopinski

The flower that represents the month of June is the rose. I love wild climbing roses. As I think of them now I can't help but reflect on the common abbreviated phrase "take time to smell the roses". I don't have very many roses blooming yet but I just brought in the last of the peonies before the storm came in today. As I sit here and type, I can smell their sweet aroma. They are one of my favorites too. I wish they lasted longer though...so I would have more time to enjoy them.

This leads me back to the phrase..."take time to smell the roses" . Surely there is a profound message here and one of great timing. Aren't we are all so busy in our daily lives today? Making our chore lists and checking things off only to replace them with more. It is good to have goals to keep us organized and going in the right direction...but how often do we take time for what's really important? For the sweet things in life that offer us inspiration...the things that fill our spirits with grace and gratitude.

This spring and summer I've managed to have a tiny bit more time on my hands. Ironically I felt a bit of anxiety on how to spend it. There is always a long list of things that I should be doing and I feel a the tug of war between those things and the things I would really like to do or could do if I had more time. Could it be that we are all trapped in this game? The "shoulds" versus the "coulds". Is there time for both? Or maybe there comes a time in life where we need to reevaluate what is really important, take time for all of the things that fit that category and remove some of the things that we could simply do without. If we are truly honest with ourselves I bet we could adjust that list and make a much needed change in our lives.

I took some precious "time out" this spring to rebuild one of my gardens and install a field stone wall in front of it. There was no real need for this but it was something I had wanted to do for years. Because it was not a necessary goal it never made my chore list...but it was always in the back of my mind. So I finally did it....and all by myself. It felt good. Although It took a lot of work I managed to do it and get it all accomplished in less than a weeks time. At the end of the project I felt very proud. Now It symbolizes something very important to me. 

Field stone walls surrounded my grandparents farm...a special place where I grew up, and we played around them daily. I think they represent a nostalgic but important foundation for my youth. Even thought there were plenty of chores to keep us busy on the farm we always had time to play too and my fondest childhood memories came from this cherished place. My grandparents instilled a great work ethic in me and I think they are also proud.

 I am re-inspired by the roses and I will be taking time to plant more of them this year. I hope that they can become a symbol... a reminder to take time for the things I want to do, to do the  things that bring me joy and symbolize what is important in my life. These things clearly are the very things that make life sweet, bring the most happiness and offer inspiration. 

Life is sweet may we take time to enjoy it....much love, Tamara



Tamara Stopinski

Main Entry: April 
Pronunciation: a-prel
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English April "April," from early French avrill and Latin Aprilis (both meaning "April")
: the 4th month of the year
Word History The English word April comes from the Latin Aprilis, the name given to the month by the ancient Romans. No one knows for certain why the Romans named it as they did. Some Roman authors thought that Aprilis was related to the Latin verb aperire meaning "to open," because April "opened" the buds of leaves and flowers. 

The month of April is my favorite for many reasons. I love the smell of cool spring showers in the distance and the fresh winds and sweet air. I love the refreshing scent of the rain after it cleanses the earth bringing the brightest most beautiful shades of green that are so ever vibrant it's hard to imagine how we lived two full seasons without them. I love the sunsets, back-lighting the forests of budding trees.

This month brings the playful sound of happy birds building nests. There is as well the sound of the stream that rushes to fill the ponds, rivers and lakes which brings the waking wildlife. As I sit and type today the buds are literally popping open in the warm sun above me. If I could sit patiently I could actually watch them open...something I rarely take the time to do. Such a gift time can bring... if we only stop to enjoy it.

The definition or origin of the word could not be more well suited for the month of April and the feeling it evokes. "To open"...I am so inspired by this! April and Spring have always given me a sense of new found energy. I am always so captivated by this time of year and the many gifts it brings. I feel my creative spirit unfolding so much like that of the natural world around me. Even though the activities of spring come every year it is impossible for them to ever feel redundant for Spring truly does open and unfold with an inspiring sense of a renewal.

Wishing you an Amazing April... may you have and take the time to enjoy it as it unfolds.